Harry Russell
Memorial Page

Who Sadly Passed Away On The 7th of August 2018

And Will Be Sorely Missed.

19/11/1926 - 07/08/2018



Rodney Cycling Club Newsletter

1st February 1976


The Rodney Gazette

The Official Organ Of The Rodney Cycling Club
April 1976


Here are some of harry's drawings with watercolour, which depict rides he took part in whilst being a member of the rodney cycling club
"Many Happy Memories"


Mind Where You're Putting That Thing                                     Were Lost! I Bet The Rodney Are in a Pub


I Wonder If They could Spare a crum!         The Rodney C.C. fifties


Short Cut   "Let's Go Across Country You Said"!


My Kingdom for a Motorbike "Marshalls Late" Rodney C.C.


Nothing Round ere No Cafes No Pubs, only Flipping Hills


Hope To Do a Good Time This Morning


           Nothing but bleeding hills                                                                                         Rodney C.C Easter 1966                                                                                                                                                     On the way to the Somme


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